Saturday, February 14, 2015

127 Day and the Brownie Bullet

Back in 2012 I bought myself a beautiful Brownie Bullet. This was my very first camera, given to me by my aunt when I was just nine years old. I have no idea what happened to the original but getting another one made it very special.

I have since shot a few rolls of various kinds of 127 film in it and I have been wanting to shoot it again since I discovered Rera Pan 100 black & white film a couple months ago. Rera Pan is a very nice film stock that reminds me of Kodak T-max a bit. 

So with all that in mind I decided to shoot the Rera Pan in my Brownie Bullet for 127 Day (January 27th) this year.

The photo above testifies to the excellence of the design and construction of this fifty-plus year old camera. It makes one wonder how many of our 21st century digital marvels will still be working in fifty years.

No super sharp digital image here. The look is true “vintage box camera” which was the original “Toy Camera”/“Instagram” style that is so popular today. With this camera of course no filters or post processing is required. This is what you get right out of the box - camera.