Sunday, May 29, 2016

Truckload of Happiness

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows I have a thing for fire hydrants. Imagine my glee when I happened upon a whole truckload of them on the way to work the other day. Unfortunately all I had ready to shoot was my diminutive Nikon P-300 point & shoot. Well, I guess it really is a bit more than a point & shoot. It does have some serious manual override capabilities but all that's a bit difficult to manage while driving on an Interstate highway through morning traffic so I am grateful for the "Auto" setting.

My apologies for the quality of the image but driving with one hand and shooting pictures through a dirty windshield with the other does not contribute to image quality so it is what it is. I am grateful for it since it will serve as a reminder of a morning thrill for many years to come. Every time I see this photo I will smile - hope you will too.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2016

Wow! It seems its been a while since I posted anything here. I guess I've been so wrapped up with shooting events with digital I kind of lost track of my film projects. Not that I am any kind of professional photographer or anything. I do shoot happenings for friends, family and a couple organizations I am affiliated with including our local church. All that must be done on digital of course because no one wants to wait for film to be processed anymore. Most of the time they are all impatient if I take more than a day or two to do the post processing and as you already know (if you follow this blog) I don't do much in post at all - a little cropping here and there and some color correction and that about it. That's why I love my Pentax digitals. They consistently produce jpegs that have the kind of IQ I prefer without having to shoot RAW and spend hours in post processing.

Anyway, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day has come and gone with no mention from me so I am here to correct that now - you didn't think I would ignore or miss that very special day did you?

The image above is the one I uploaded to the WPPD gallery this year. You can check it out here...

...and be sure to linger a while and view some of the other 2000 or so images uploaded so far. There are only a couple days left for folks to get their images up so there is likely to be a "mad rush" between now and May 31st for all the last minute entries so be sure to go back frequently until then to see all of them.